Sunday, March 11, 2012

We wake up every morning, we get dressed, eat, brush our teeth, we do our normal morning routine. A lot of us don't think anything of it cause, of course, its normal. I can say I'm one of those people, but that changed today. Better yet it changed last night at 10:05 P.M. I have accepted Jesus Christ back into my life.

I sat down last night in my Grandmothers living room and talked to her for hours about God and how everything is suppost to be. She read me versus of the Bible and explained everything to me that I wanted to know, and I slowly understood it and actually took it in. I had so many questions about it, and thats not normal for someone my age. I am highly ashamed to say that I know nothing about the Bible..

I com from a family that really isn't all that religious. We go to church sometimes but that's every once in a blue moon. No one ever talked to me about the Bible like they should have when I was little. My father can tell you anything about the Bible and read it forward and backwards. It kind of upsets me that he hasen't passed his passion for the Bible or about Jesus Christ to me. Yeah, maybe I should come to him and show that I want to learn, but maybe he should of gone to church and what not. My mother never read the Bible and never talked about the subject of relgion, so I never got anything from her.

I remember getting a Bible and getting it customized to me. My dad made me read two versus every night before bed but I was honestly too little to understand and read it to myself. No one took the time to sit down and explain the things that I needed to know to be the right person and Christian that I should have been a long time ago. The times my family would go to church, as soon as I stepped into the building I felt so uncomfortable. I felt like I didn't belong, when the service would start and continue, I wanted to ask so many questions about what the man in the nice suit was talking about, but I couldn't.

Do to me not knowing or being involved with Jesus Christ, I have lost many friends and been distconnecte from a lot of things. I very much so believe in The Lord Jesus Christ, everyone has to believe in something, I guess the reason I refused to let him into my life is because I blamed him for a lot of my losses.
I blamed him for the death of my 19 year old sister. I was angry that He took her when He could of took someone else....and that's where my selfishness comes in. Now that I look back and think on it, it's very wrong of me to blame him for what happened. Another family lost someone that same night, everyone endures a loss.

This morning I woke up and decided to go to church with my Grandmother. I thought it would do me some good after the conversation we had last night. The serivce today was about admitting your sins and forgiveness, and that really made me think about the life I've been living and the path that I've been taking without The Lord. So after the service, I got down on my knees and prayed to God for forgiveness and let Him in back into my life. Once I confessed my Sins to Him and let it all go, I felt His presence and I felt free, I felt like I finally belonged to something..and I do now, I belong to the best man there ever was, or is...

I am ready to turn my life over to The Lord and take his hand in this journey of my life. I know I can count on him and many other of my wonderful friends to help me if I ever get lost in this experience. I made a promise to myself that I am committed to Him and only Him and that I WILL lean on Him in every time of need. I will read the Bible every night and always live in His presence. I've never felt more alive and more.....happy than I do now that I have accepted Him and the right of passage...and it will ever remain this way.